Dental Emergency Aldershot, Ontario

We offer dental emergency care. We are open mornings, late evenings and Saturdays. We are located on the border between Burlington and Hamilton, and welcome dental emergencies and new patients from both areas as well as Milton, Waterdown and Oakville.

We treat dental emergencies and urgent dental situations quickly.
If you have a dental emergency contact us now at 905.777.9292 (office number) or 905.512.1693 (pager).
Please note, we are not a 24-hour dental service, however we are open evenings and Saturdays. If you contact us after hours,  we will promptly contact you when we re-open.  If your emergency is severe and you cannot reach us, please contact your local emergency facility (please see phone numbers below)  or hospital.

Burlington Dental Academy
(905) 464-1876
Hamilton Academy of Dentistry
(905) 527-8294