Aldershot, Burlington Dentist - Dr. Roman Galkin and his dental team

Dr. Roman Galkin (DDS)

Dr. Roman Galkin graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Western Ontario in 2000. After several years working as an associate dentist in Hamilton, he opened his own practice - Gardens Dental. Dr. Galkin is known for his caring personality and exceptional dental work. He enjoys treating patients of all ages and teaching them how to keep a healthy smile! His main goal is to make everyone feel relaxed and comfortable at Gardens Dental.
Dr. Galkin is a member of Ontario Dental Association, Canadian Dental Association and Burlington Dental Academy.

Lindsey (Administrative Assistant)

Lindsey joined our team in September 2014. When you call our office you can always count on her friendly greeting. Some patients say that they call Gardens Dental just to hear Lindsey's voice. She is always polite and helpful with our patients and very knowledgeable with insurances. Her dog and cat are very important part of her life.

Allie (Administrative Assistant)

Allie is extremely organized and meticulous with accounting. She is a jack of all trades helping with serving our patients, dealing with insurance billing and aiding in back of house duties. Her motto is always keep patients best interests in mind. She is a lot of fun in our after work activities.

Oksana (Certified Dental Assistant, level 2)

Oksana joined our team in December 2014. She is renowned for going to great lengths to put our patients at their ease. Mother of three, she is especially good with kids trying to make dental visits stress free for them and their parents. She enjoys spending her time with her family and keeps the whole office laughing!

Tetyana (Certified Dental Assistant, level 2)

Tetyana joined our dental team soon after the office was opened. She is a great asset in providing comfortable experiences to our patients and to Gardens Dental staff. Her attitude is one that is always positive and professional. She enjoys spending her free time cooking delicious but healthy meals, walking and taking care of her family.

Shannon (Registered Dental Hygienist)

Shannon has been practicing hygiene since 2014 with our office. She has vibrant and friendly personality and great manual skills. Her light touch gets a lot of patient’s compliments and her first concern is always patient satisfaction to keep them returning with a smile, excited for their appointments! Shannon enjoys spending time outdoors, working out and travelling. 

Polina (Office manager)

Polina oversees all Gardens Dental operations to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Being the office HR manager, she brought together a group of very professional and devoted individuals who work well as a team and provide exceptional service to our clients. In her free time Polina likes theater, music and traveling.