Bonded Fillings in Aldershot, Ontario

One of the drawbacks of traditional metal fillings is how noticeable they are. Although they are effective for treating decay, metal fillings are extremely noticeable and can be seen when laughing or opening your mouth. In addition, many patients don’t feel comfortable having mercury placed in their oral tissues since they believe it may cause health complications.

Dr. Roman Galkin, strives to offer our patients the best Aldershot dentistry that Aldershot has to offer. That’s why we are proud to offer natural-looking bonded fillings. These beautiful tooth-colored composite restorations help to treat tooth decay and improve the appearance of your smile. Bonded fillings are made of a strong composite resin that blends in with your natural teeth. They are well-suited to treat a variety of dental issues, such as cavities, cracks, chips, gaps, and other minor damage. The composite resin contains zero mercury, amalgam, or metal, which means that it’s better for your oral health.

Bonded fillings are tough and durable. The pliability of the material allows the Aldershot dentist to shape it according to your specific needs to create the best results. During your procedure, the problematic tooth is first cleaned and the cavity removed. The composite material is then placed, shaped into the tooth’s original shape, and hardened. This entire process only takes one appointment, which makes bonded fillings an ideal choice to treat a wide variety of dental problems.

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Bonded Fillings in Aldershot, OntarioBonded Fillings in Aldershot, ON