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Our family dental practice is a safe, friendly and efficient environment where everyone is welcome. We provide comprehensive dental care with an equal commitment to preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry. We value personalized attention and long-term relationships with our clients. Our goal is to make our patients feel respected and cared for. 

Our office offers a full range of cosmetic dental services, from simple fillings and teeth whitening to full smile makeovers. In addition to general dentistry Dr. Galkin performs many other procedures, such as laser periodontal treatments, dental implants and oral surgery.

At Gardens Dental we’ve created a home-like atmosphere where you can relax and receive a gentle treatment. Many sedation options are available to optimize your comfort levels.

Our clinic is a very modern dental office in terms of equipment, techniques and materials used. Along with all these innovations and growing number of patients our philosophy stays the same: we believe in personal approach, detailed explanation and informed consent for every patient and every procedure.

Gardens Dental accepts dental emergencies and we are prepared and equipped to treat any dental crisis or urgent situation quickly. If you need our help or have any dental questions please call 905-777-9292